How do I sell my villa in Bali? Standing Out in a crowded market (Part I)

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A quick glance at listing portals and real estate websites confirms what we already feared: there is an awful lot of villas for sale in Bali. As a representative of one of Bali’s leading real estate agencies and member of the Gapura network, I can only add that the number of villas for sale is growing daily and only a tiny fraction is actually selling.

So what are you going to do to stand out among the crowd in a buyers’ market?

It’s quite simple: your villa needs to look prettier and more attractive than the rest.

Let’s start with the pretty look. You may not be the best judge here, after all it is your villa and owners have a tendency to overrate their babies. Why don’t you get someone else to walk through your property and point out, what he or she thinks would need to be done to spruce it up and make it pretty. Or ask one of the Gapura agencies.

Here are some simple and inexpensive things that can make a huge difference. Paint job? When was your villa painted last time. More than 2-3 years ago? Well, then this is most likely something you can’t avoid getting done. Buy some fresh paint and maybe rethink the entire color scheme of your interior. It may be fun.

How is your floor looking? I have seen sad looking floors that simply needed a thorough cleaning job to look fresh again. If you have a terrazzo floor that has aged badly and looks stained, consider getting it repolished and it will look like new. Its less expensive than you think.

The condition and impression of your roof is another very important aspect, particularly here in the tropics. Any stains that indicate leaks? If you have an alang2 (elephant grass) roof with those ugly black or red patches everywhere, consider to replace it before you go to the market. It’s a big turn off for a prospective buyer if he realizes that the roof is the first thing he will have to fix or replace after having bought a (not so) new house. Most buyers have no clue what a roof reno will cost and overestimate the expense and hence will shy away from buying your villa.

Let’s step outside now and look at your garden. In most villas I have seen, the gardens would benefit hugely from a bit of professional attention and believe me, it makes such a difference. And the good thing is, it really doesn’t cost much and it’s almost instant. For less than a 1.000 USD you can create wonders and transform a property. But please get a pro to help you here.

Now that we have taken care of the most important cosmetics of your villa, let’s have a look at one more thing that’s super important for the first impression your property will make on a buyer. And that’s your stuff. Be honest to yourself: how messy is your villa on a scale from 1 (super organized and neat) to 10 (really and badly cluttered). Isn’t this the best moment to clean things up? You will have to do it anyway once the villa is sold. So why not do it now! It will make your villa look larger and more expensive and you might even enjoy it more while waiting for a buyer.

All done? Lets have a last look at the immediate neighborhood. I know that’s not entirely your responsibility but it is important to at least be aware what is out there to turn away a potential buyer. Any garbage or litter on the access road? Any bad smells? Use some incense sticks before the inspection. They do that even at KuDeTa and its always full.

Ready for a sale? Not quite yet. Now we need to document the newly acquired splendour of your house and get it properly photographed. That’s a subject on its own. Let’s look at that in my next contribution of ‘How to sell my villa”.

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