How do I sell my villa in Bali? Why you need a hero shot (Part II)

Now that your villa looks almost like new, what good is it going to do if you present it using those old photographs you took 10 years ago or those your son shot with his new iPhone or his drone.

Convincing owners to spend money on professional photography is perhaps the most difficult part in the life of a real estate agent, and many writers have commented on this topic recently.

First of all, let’s set a benchmark for what good property photography is. Get inspired by looking at the magic Chris Legget creates with his camera and have a look at his website: Got it?

Ok, your villa may not be of the same caliber as those villas renting for more than 1.000 USD a night. And yes, there are other photographers that charge less. But hey, you are going to say goodbye to your beloved villa and why not make yourself a present by documenting it finally in a way it deserves it before you move on with your life?

But above all, its all about standing out in a crowded market. And for that you need a hero shot. This is the picture that says the often-quoted 1000 words. This is the picture that invites others to want to know more. And it is not always obvious, what the hero shot should show and from where to take it. Is it an aerial shot taken from the ocean overlooking the swimming pool and the lawn with the silhouette of the villa in the background? Or is it a shot at dawn of the main building with a dark blue sky in the background?

When a professional photographer takes a shot, he uses a tripod and shoots 30 times the same frame at exposures varying from over to under-exposed. Why? Because he tries to create an image that looks like you would see it with the human eye. The human eye is a marvelous organ, it adapts and compensates bright backgrounds with dark subjects and lets us see the world as if the entire image was perfectly exposed and balanced. A camera simply can’t do that and that’s why you need the pro here. Mind you that he will spend the same amount of time as he took for shooting or even longer to compose the final image in postproduction. It’s an art. And it has its price.

Have look at these shots below (courtesy Christopher Legget) and see the difference between multiexposure and simple exposure shots.

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