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Seller’s Agent service

Stand out from
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Introducing Seller’s Agent

A seller’s agent is an agent that exclusively represents your property, carefully curates it, and places it on the market with the best agencies, on and off-shore. His or her only interest is to sell your property at thebest possible price.

We develop a unique marketing strategy, arrange a professional photoshoot and design a dedicated website to make your property shine. Co-broking with qualified agencies is arranged, if needed.

A seller’s agent is a partner who shares your interest and is committed to a common cause.

A real estate agent helps a customer sell their property

Why choose this service?

With our extensive knowledge of the Bali real estate market and deep connections with local property owners and developers, choosing our exclusive seller service means being listed among the most exclusive and sought-after properties on the island.


Save time

You deal with only one agent instead of multiple agencies. Your seller’s agent knows every detail of your property and can answer all questions from prospective buyers professionally without bothering you.


Maximum market exposure

The seller’s agent is selecting suitable co-broking agencies to maximize market exposure. A campaign is designed to present the property through social media and other online marketing efforts.


Featured listing

You will be featured on our homepage and your listing will be enhanced, standing out from other listings


Free professional photography

We organize the photos that say a thousand words and make sure your property stands out from the crowd. This is part of our exclusive seller’s package. You don’t have to pay for it as we will deduct the costs from our commission.


Better price

As your property is available only through your seller’s agency, you are able to obtain a better price as you have stronger negotiating power.


Bespoke service

A seller’s agent is here for you and you only. He only handles a handful of exclusive listings is available for you 24/7.


No conflict of interest

Your seller’s agent represents your interests and your interests only. He is your fiduciary – full stop.


Get more out of your commission

1% of our commission is allocated to digital marketing of your property to ensure it is sold at the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time. Besides, we co-broke with other agents and share the commission so that we achieve maximum exposure.

Buyer's agent service

We’re taking care of

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and create a customized marketing strategy to ensure your property gets maximum exposure to potential buyers. We'll handle all the paperwork, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through the entire process until your property is sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are exclusive Seller’s Agency Services?

This is a service available to owners of premium properties that want their listing to stand out from the crowd and realize the highest possible price on the market.

Why should I choose an exclusive agreement for selling my property?

Trust and experience are the main reason for choosing an exclusive agreement with Exotiq. Owners nowadays realize how complex it has become to successfully sell a property in Bali, particularly, if owned by a foreigner. It requires not only extensive knowhow in selling luxury properties, but also solid knowledge of legal and fiscal matters, something that only comes with years of experience. Founded in 2002, Exotiq is Bali’s oldest real estate agency.

What kind of properties qualify for the exclusive listing service?

All our exclusive properties are special and unique. They are typically priced in the higher segment of the market. Call us to find out if your property qualifies for an exclusive listing.

What extra service do I get under an exclusive listing agreement?

We create a comprehensive campaign and invest up to 1% of our commission in the marketing of your property. This includes the production of a video and professional photography and even a dedicated website, just for your property.

What does it cost to feature my property as an exclusive listing?

It doesn’t cost you more! The typical commission in Bali is 5% of the price a property sells for. Depending on the asking price we agree upon for your property, you may even be offered a lower commission than what’s standard.

Can other agent’s also market my property if I have an exclusive agreement with Exotiq?

Yes, they can if they have a co-broking agreement with us. Depending on the type of property, we may select a few co-broking agents. However, our goal is to prevent that every agency on the island is flogging your property, which would cheapen it.

What other benefits do I get under an exclusive listing agreement?

You safe a lot of time and energy as you are only dealing with one trusted agent. And your privacy is better protected.