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Buyer's agent service

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Introducing Buyer’s Agent

Buying a property is a significant and expensive transaction with long term financial implications that needs to be well thought through. If you buy informed and wisely, a property acquisition can easily become the best financial investment in your lifetime, plus it adds a lot of enjoyment. If not, it can as easily become the worst decision in your life and cause financial distress.

The smart way of buying property requires access to reliable information about the correct assessment of a property, the conditions of the real estate market, the area and location where one intends to buy and last but not least, about the real and fiscal environment that govern property acquisitions.

This becomes all the more daunting, if you are to buy in a foreign country and a foreign cultural environment, where a ‘yes’ can actually mean ‘no’.

That’s why a buyer’s agent can add a lot of value to your investment and make the acquisition of your dream villa not only easy but also pleasant. A good buyer’s agent has many years of experience in Bali’s property market, helps you to avoid the pitfalls on the way, understands where the market is going, and has the local expertise that is so important to select the right neighbourhood for your property.  

But even more important than the buyer’s agent’s knowhow is the fact that she or he is working exclusively for you. Only for you!

That is not the case in the Bali real estate market, where agents are paid by vendors and therefore act for an on behalf of those vendors. The interests of the Bali real estate agent is aligned with the interests of the seller – not your interests as a buyer.

And that’s why buying smart requires you to appoint a buyer’s agent that has only your interest in mind and is paid and controlled by you: the buyer. It is simply impossible to faithfully represent the best interests of opposing clients, in the same transaction, simultaneously!

[In fact, in certain States of the United States, the law prohibits agents to work as dual agencies!]

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Why choose this service?

With our extensive knowledge of the Bali real estate market and deep connections with local property owners and developers, choosing our exclusive buyer service means gaining access to the most exclusive and sought-after properties on the island.


Save time

Why work with multiple agents and waste your time? Better chose only one agent who really understands what you want.


Access all listings

Our buyer's agents have access to all the listings on the island through co-broking arrangements with Bali's leading property agencies.


Better price

Working with an exclusive buyer's agent provides you with a stronger negotiating position and results in a better price for you.


Special deals

Negotiate a fixed success fee for your agent instead of a commission. Any commission due from the vendor get's straight in your pockets.


Concierge service

Your buyer's agent goes the extra mile. Let him or her organize your viewing trips, flights, hotel and car reservations. Get insider tips on what's hot in Bali. And enjoy the company of a partner dedicated to your success.


The truth

Your buyer’s agent represents your interests and only your interests and not the sellers’. There are no conflicts of interest in your relationship with a buyer’s agent.

Buyer's agent service

We’re taking care of

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the entire process, from finding the perfect property to closing the deal. With our extensive network of contacts and our in-depth knowledge of the local market, we guarantee that you'll find the property of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

Your select your agent through an interview and sign an exclusive agreement valid for a limited length of time. Then you work out a detailed brief and your agent starts hunting for properties. You review the selections online and decide on a shortlist. Then we inspect the properties and prepare an offer. We then conduct due diligence and if all is clean, we draft the sales agreement and you become the proud new owner of your chosen property.

How much does it cost me to use a buyers’ agent?

You can either select a percentage of the sale price as a fee for your agent or you can opt for a fixed amount. As a guideline, commission levels in Bali payable by the seller are 5%. If you enter an exclusive agreement with a buyer’s agent, the fee can be negotiated below that amount. Note: any commission due from the seller to the agent will belong to you.

Will I end up paying more for a property if I use a Buyer’s Agent?

No, you won’t. Most likely you will end up paying quite a bit less. Being your exclusive agent, we have a stronger bargaining position and can negotiate harder on your behalf.

What are other benefits of using a buyer’s agent?

You save time by working with only one agent you trust instead of having to deal with multiple agents that are offering you the same properties.

Will I have access to properties of other agencies if I work with a buyer’s agent?

Yes, you will have access to the entire selection of listings from all agents on the island. We cooperate with all qualified agents and have access to all their listings.

Why should I use Exotiq’s exclusive Buyer’s Agency Services?

Simply because you deserve the best possible service from your real estate agent and because you want your agent to be on your side and not the seller’s.

What are exclusive Buyer’s Agency Services?

This is a new service offered by Exotiq to provide buyers a more efficient and more professional access to the property market. This service is common in more developed real estate markets like in Australia or the United States, but it’s new for Bali. A buyer’s agent is representing the interests of the buyer and the buyer only. The agent is paid by the buyer and not by the seller, which is normally the case in Bali.