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What other benefits do I get under an exclusive listing agreement?

You safe a lot of time and energy as you are only dealing with one trusted agent. And your privacy is better protected.

Can other agent’s also market my property if I have an exclusive agreement with Exotiq?

Yes, they can if they have a co-broking agreement with us. Depending on the type of property, we may select a few co-broking agents. However, our goal is to prevent that every agency on the island is flogging your property, which would cheapen it.

What does it cost to feature my property as an exclusive listing?

It doesn’t cost you more! The typical commission in Bali is 5% of the price a property sells for. Depending on the asking price we agree upon for your property, you may even be offered a lower commission than what’s standard.

What extra service do I get under an exclusive listing agreement?

We create a comprehensive campaign and invest up to 1% of our commission in the marketing of your property. This includes the production of a video and professional photography and even a dedicated website, just for your property.

What kind of properties qualify for the exclusive listing service?

All our exclusive properties are special and unique. They are typically priced in the higher segment of the market. Call us to find out if your property qualifies for an exclusive listing.

Why should I choose an exclusive agreement for selling my property?

Trust and experience are the main reason for choosing an exclusive agreement with Exotiq. Owners nowadays realize how complex it has become to successfully sell a property in Bali, particularly, if owned by a foreigner. It requires not only extensive knowhow in selling luxury properties, but also solid knowledge of legal and fiscal matters, something that only comes with years of experience. Founded in 2002, Exotiq is Bali’s oldest real estate agency.

What are exclusive Seller’s Agency Services?

This is a service available to owners of premium properties that want their listing to stand out from the crowd and realize the highest possible price on the market.

How does it all work?

Your select your agent through an interview and sign an exclusive agreement valid for a limited length of time. Then you work out a detailed brief and your agent starts hunting for properties. You review the selections online and decide on a shortlist. Then we inspect the properties and prepare an offer. We then conduct due diligence and if all is clean, we draft the sales agreement and you become the proud new owner of your chosen property.

How much does it cost me to use a buyers’ agent?

You can either select a percentage of the sale price as a fee for your agent or you can opt for a fixed amount. As a guideline, commission levels in Bali payable by the seller are 5%. If you enter an exclusive agreement with a buyer’s agent, the fee can be negotiated below that amount. Note: any commission due from the seller to the agent will belong to you.

Will I end up paying more for a property if I use a Buyer’s Agent?

No, you won’t. Most likely you will end up paying quite a bit less. Being your exclusive agent, we have a stronger bargaining position and can negotiate harder on your behalf.

What are other benefits of using a buyer’s agent?

You save time by working with only one agent you trust instead of having to deal with multiple agents that are offering you the same properties.

Will I have access to properties of other agencies if I work with a buyer’s agent?

Yes, you will have access to the entire selection of listings from all agents on the island. We cooperate with all qualified agents and have access to all their listings.

Why should I use Exotiq’s exclusive Buyer’s Agency Services?

Simply because you deserve the best possible service from your real estate agent and because you want your agent to be on your side and not the seller’s.

What are exclusive Buyer’s Agency Services?

This is a new service offered by Exotiq to provide buyers a more efficient and more professional access to the property market. This service is common in more developed real estate markets like in Australia or the United States, but it’s new for Bali. A buyer’s agent is representing the interests of the buyer and the buyer only. The agent is paid by the buyer and not by the seller, which is normally the case in Bali.