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January 19, 2024
Wawasan Gaya Hidup

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces In Bali

If you're a remote worker searching for the best co-working spaces in Bali, we've got you covered. Bali, the Island of the Gods, is known for its stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. 

It has become a popular destination for digital nomads and entrepreneurs looking for a change of pace and a creative space to work. 

However, finding the right co-working space can be a challenge, especially for those who are new to the area.

In this article, we've curated a list of some of the best co-working spaces in Bali, taking into consideration their location, amenities, and community. We've done the research so that you don't have to, and we hope that our recommendations will make your search for the perfect co-working space in Bali a little easier. 

Whether you're looking for a co-working space in the heart of Canggu, the serene rice fields of Ubud, or the beachside town of Uluwatu, we've got something for everyone. 

So, let's dive in and explore the best co-working spaces in Bali.



Karya co-working Space in Berawa, Canggu is a true standout among the best co-working spaces in Bali.

This impressive space offers a unique and modern approach to co-working, combining the beauty of the natural surroundings with state-of-the-art technology to create an optimal work environment. Karya boasts an eco-friendly design and sustainability is at the forefront of its ethos. 

The essence of work lies in its ability to bring fulfilment, motivation, and purpose to one's life. Karya understands this better than anyone and has created a workspace that enables you to tap into your creative flow and reach your maximum potential. 

The workspace is an inspiring environment that fosters productivity and encourages you to work in a way that suits you best.

From the moment you step into Karya, you’ll be struck by the stylish and welcoming atmosphere. The bright and airy space is filled with lush greenery and natural light that floods in through floor-to-ceiling windows. 

The modern interior design is inspired by traditional Balinese architecture, blending natural materials and contemporary furnishings to create a truly unique and inspiring space.

One of the key benefits of Karya co-working Space is its emphasis on community. Members are encouraged to connect and collaborate, and the space hosts regular events and workshops to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing. 

Karya is driven by a desire to create a meaningful impact. 

The co-working space reflects its values of innovation, collaboration, and community. Join in and be part of a movement of changemakers, trailblazers, and dreamers.

Other notable features of Karya co-working Space include:

  • High-speed internet and state-of-the-art technology
  • Open daily from 6 am - 8 pm
  • Executive offices
  • Private offices 
  • Up to 10 pages of printing are free each day
  • Meeting rooms and event spaces
  • Onsite shower 
  • Freeflow coffee and tea 
  • Secure bike parking and on-site showers
  • On-site staff and 24/7 security

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, Karya co-working Space offers everything you need to thrive in your professional and personal life. It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best co-working spaces in Bali. 

If you’re interested in experiencing the Karya co-working Space for yourself, be sure to check out their website for more information and to book a tour.

Tropical Nomad Co-Working Space

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Tropical Nomad co-working space is conveniently located on the Canggu shortcut and is a hotspot for remote workers who love the vibe of Bali's rich surf culture. 

This co-working space provides an ideal balance of work and play, with its tropical surroundings and laid-back atmosphere. A short drive is all it takes from Canggu's famous Batu Balong beach, where you can catch some waves during your breaks or after work. 

One of the key benefits of Tropical Nomad co-working Space is the community that it fosters. The space regularly hosts events, workshops, and meetups, which provide opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Tropical Nomads also offers mentoring programs, where experienced entrepreneurs can share their knowledge with others, creating an environment where collaboration and creativity thrive.

Providing a mixed variety of workstations, you will have the choice of traditional desk setups or opt for more relaxed seating, such as beanbags or hammocks. 

Some other key features of Tropical Nomad co-working Space include:

  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Close to the beach
  • Printing and scanning facilities
  • Free flow of coffee and tea
  • Air-conditioned workspace
  • Meeting rooms available 

For further information about this co-working space feel free to visit their website.

Tribal Bali

Tribal Bali is a unique co-working space located in the heart of Pererenan and is perfect for those looking for an innovative and inspiring environment to work in. 

The space is designed to reflect the beauty and simplicity of Balinese culture, with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Tribal Bali is a great option for digital nomads who are looking to connect with like-minded individuals.

One of Tribal's best features is its location. Pererenan has a vibrant and growing community that is home to many digital nomads and business tycoons. 

The town is known for its surf culture, and abundance of cafés, making it an ideal location for those who want to be part of an energetic and social community.

Committed to sustainability and built with natural, eco-friendly materials, this co-working community is a haven of inclusivity. 

Everyone is invited, to work and collaborate together without the burden of membership fees, no matter your background. Whether you're a creative, an entrepreneur, or an explorer, you'll find a home in this gorgeous space. 

Whether you're inclined towards a secluded cubby, a roomy desk, a collaborative picnic-style table or an elevated standing desk, Tribal has got you covered. What's more, you can even get your work done while relaxing on their plush sun loungers next to the pool.

Tribal has everything you need for a post-meeting recharge. Mingle with your mates over a game of pool, or indulge in their all-day menu of delicious food and incredible coffee. At the end of the day, head to the onsite bar and chat with other like-minded nomads.

Additionally, Tribal Bali offers the following key features:

  • Comfortable and adaptable workstations
  • Open from 8 am - 10 pm 
  • Infinity pool 
  • Air-conditioned workspaces
  • Onsite café & Bar

The website of this co-working space is a great place to learn more about their offerings.


Outpost Ubud

Bali has become a mecca for digital nomads, and if you're searching for the perfect co-working space in Ubud, Outpost is a must-visit. 

This workspace emanates a dynamic and efficient atmosphere that inspires one to complete their tasks with zeal. Unlike its bustling counterpart in Canggu, Outpost Ubud is serene and far from the crowds, providing much-needed tranquillity while you work.

One of the standout features of Outpost Ubud is its unique design. The ground floor has a generously sized "focus zone" that is air-conditioned, providing the ideal environment to work without distraction. 

Change the scenery and head up to the first floor where you'll find an open space complete with a balcony offering spectacular views of the surroundings. That's not the end of it. Outpost Ubud also provides reliable internet, fully equipped offices, standing desks, Skype rooms, and more.

Feeling tense? No worries! Take care of yourself and indulge in a massage with one of the onsite masseuses at your service.  

Outpost also offers boutique-style co-living spaces that are comfortable and perfect for remote workers. Plus, if you want to expand your social circle, there are weekly community events where you can network and socialize with others.

Some of the main features offered by Outpost Ubud include:  

  • A serene location for concentration and inspiration
  • Open 24/7
  • 2 locations 
  • Large, air-conditioned "focus zone" for getting work done
  • Open, collaborative space with a balcony.
  • Astonishing views
  • Boutique-style co-living spaces 
  • Onsite masseuse 

By visiting their website, you can gain a better understanding of what this co-working  space has to offer.

Beluna - House Of Creatives

Beluna co-working space in Ubud is one of the best co-working spaces in Bali, offering a unique experience for remote workers. 

The space is located in the heart of Ubud, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the rice fields. This peaceful and inspiring environment promotes imagination and productivity, making it the perfect spot for those looking for a change of pace from the typical office environment.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, Beluna offers a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable and productive work experience. 

Regardless of your seating preference, whether it be shared or private desks, window seats, couches, or even hammocks, you'll be able to find a suitable spot to settle in. 

The top floor provides floor-to-ceiling glass which gives an incredible perspective of the outside world. There are also private meeting rooms, and a café serving healthy meals and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Beluna's co-working space provides an ideal balance of work and relaxation, with ample opportunities to explore the surrounding area. 

Whether it's taking a yoga class, visiting the nearby Monkey Forest, or indulging in some traditional Balinese cuisine, there's no shortage of activities to enjoy after a productive day of work.

Some of the best features of Beluna co-working space are:

  • Located in the heart of Ubud, surrounded by stunning views of the rice fields
  • Open daily from 8 am - 8 pm 
  • High-speed internet and 
  • Private meeting rooms
  • café serving healthy meals and drinks
  • Opportunities for exploration and relaxation in the surrounding area
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows 

Visit Beluna co-working space's website for more information.


G88 Co-Working

G88 is one of the best co-working spaces in Bali, located in the bustling area of Kerobokan. The space is designed with the modern workforce in mind, providing an inspiring and collective atmosphere for freelancers. 

Home to one of Bali's abandoned aircraft, G88 has utilized this asset to its advantage by incorporating parts of the plane into specific event sites. 

The location of G88 is perfect for those looking to work in an area that offers plenty of amenities, such as restaurants, cafés, gyms, bars, and boutique shops.

G88 offers a wide range of workspaces, including long desks, floor-to-ceiling windows, private offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces. The meeting rooms are perfect for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, or presentations. G88 also offers an onsite coffee cart that will give you the boost you need. 

One of the key benefits of G88 is its onsite gym which is located upstairs. Blow off some steam at the end of a hard day without having to go anywhere once your laptop is closed.   

Some of G88’s most valuable benefits include::

  • Wide range of workspaces
  • Onsite gym
  • Open daily from 7 am - 12 am 
  • Onsite coffee cart 
  • Regular events and workshops
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows 
  • Located close to the area's best cafés, restaurants, and shops. 


Biliq Bali

Located in the bustling heart of Seminyak, Biliq Bali co-working space is a go-to destination for digital nomads and remote workers looking to set up their temporary offices in Bali. 

With a range of state-of-the-art amenities and unparalleled luxuries, Biliq Seminyak provides a work environment that is hard to beat. 

The co-working space boasts a serene garden, poolside desks, and even a cosy napping room - a perfect escape from the bustle of the city.

Indoors, the co-working space is fitted with shared desks and private rooms, providing ample space for both individual work and team meetings. Plus, with fast and reliable WiFi, you can stay connected to your work and communicate with your team seamlessly.

 Whether you choose to work indoors or outdoors, Biliq Seminyak has got you covered.

Billiqe stands out for its scrumptious selection of food and beverages that can be enjoyed on-site. Additionally, it was the pioneer of the pay-per-minute model for co-working spaces in Bali, offering a flexible and budget-friendly workspace solution to its clients.

In addition to the plethora of co-working amenities, the surrounding area is a great source of inspiration and motivation. Seminyak is one of the trendiest and most happening neighbourhoods in Bali, with an abundance of local boutiques, and cafés. 

Here are the most noteworthy features of Biliq Bali:

  • Garden with poolside desks
  • 2 Locations 
  • Private rooms and shared desks
  • Soundproof rooms
  • Fast and reliable WiFi
  • Delicious food and drink options onsite
  • Pay-per-minute co-working  model
  • Co-living options available

To find out additional details about this co-working  space, check out their website.


Colabo Co-Working

Colabo co-working in Jimbaran is one of the best co-working spaces in Bali, offering a unique and inspiring work environment for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. 

The location of the co-working space is ideal, as it is situated in the heart of Jimbaran, a beautiful coastal town with stunning beaches, traditional markets, and great restaurants. Working in Colabo co-working allows you to enjoy all that Jimbaran has to offer, while also providing you with a productive work environment.

Colabo co-working provides an array of benefits that make it one of the best co-working spaces in Bali. The space offers indoor and semi-outdoor workspaces with high-speed internet, comfortable chairs, and ample work areas that ensure maximum productivity.

Additionally, Colabo hosts various events and workshops, allowing you to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. These include yoga classes, debates, and even movie nights. 

Key features of Colabo co-working  in Jimbaran:

  • Modern aesthetics and a vibrant community
  • Open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm 
  • High-speed internet and comfortable workstations
  • Printing service 
  • Private meeting rooms are available
  • Hosts various events and workshops
  • Yoga classes available 

Visit Colabo co-workings website for more information.


Co.Op Co-Working  

Co.Op co-working situated in the heart of Uluwatu offers a unique blend of community and productivity, just a stone's throw away. 

The benefits of working here are endless, with plenty of natural light, great coffee, delicious snacks, and of course,  high-speed internet to keep you focused and motivated throughout the day.

Co.Op co-working is more than just a workspace; it's a hub of creativity and collaboration, with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. 

Whether you're a freelancer, digital nomad, or small business owner, you'll find a supportive network of peers to bounce ideas off of and build lasting connections with.

Co.Op co-working is just minutes away from some of Bali's most iconic attractions. Take a break from work and explore the nearby cafés, or catch a wave at one of the world-renowned surf breaks.

Co.Op co-working  s known for these essential features:

  • Stone's throw away from world-class surf breaks
  • Blue light filter glasses
  • Onsite library 
  • Ergonomic seating
  • Great coffee
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Open Monday - Saturday 
  • Community events and workshops
  • Convenient location near cafés and restaurants 

For juicier information, click the link to their website.


Livit Hub Bali

Livit Hub Bali, nestled in the serene coastal town of Sanur, is a digital nomad's dream workspace. As one of the longest-standing and premier co-working spaces in Bali, Livit Hub Bali offers a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere to all who walk through its doors.

The modern design of the space provides an inviting and productive environment that encourages focus and creativity. 

Livit Hub Bali has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that fosters a sense of community amongst its diverse members, who come from all corners of the world. 

Networking events and workshops hosted by the Hub provide ample opportunities for members to meet new people and learn new skills.

Livit Hub Bali is also equipped with top-notch amenities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and professional workspace. 

The Hub offers various seating options, including ergonomic chairs, bean bags, hammocks, and standing desks, to suit the individual needs of its members. The fast and reliable internet enables a seamless workflow, while soundproof phone booths and meeting rooms cater to those who require privacy.

The rooftop terrace with stunning views of Sanur beach is a perfect spot to take a break and recharge.

Sanur is a charming coastal town with a laid-back and peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect location for those who seek a relaxed lifestyle. 

The town is home to various outdoor activities such as water sports, cycling, and yoga, and the beach is just a short walk away. There is also a wide variety of restaurants and cafés serving both local and international cuisine, catering to the diverse tastes of its inhabitants.

Livit Hub Bali boasts these important features:

  • Community events and workshops
  • Open Monday - Thursday from 9 am - 8 pm 
  • Fast WiFi 
  • Various seating options and private spaces
  • Walking distance to Snaur beach 
  • Rooftop terrace with stunning views of the Sanur beach.

Visit their website for the finer details.


How much is a co-working space in Bali?

The cost of a co-working space in Bali can vary depending on the location and amenities provided. On average, prices range from $100 to $300 per month for a basic membership, while more premium spaces can cost up to $500 per month.

Where can I work remotely in Bali?

Bali has many remote workspace options in popular areas like Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu, and more. Work-friendly environments, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities are available in each area, whether you prefer a beachside or urban setting. Bali caters to remote workers with a range of preferences.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best co-working space in Bali, there are a few factors to consider. First, think about your specific needs and preferences in terms of location, amenities, community, and price. Bali offers a wide range of co-working spaces, from beachfront locations to bustling city centres, and from basic facilities to luxurious settings.

Consider the types of events and activities that the co-working space offers, such as networking events, workshops, or skill-sharing sessions. 

These can be a great way to meet new people and expand your professional network. Check the pricing plans and flexibility of each co-working space. 

Some spaces offer daily or hourly rates, while others require a longer-term commitment. Make sure to choose a space that fits your budget and work style. 

The best co-working space in Bali for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Do your research and try out a few different spaces to find the perfect fit for you.

Karya co-working space in Canggu is undoubtedly one of the best beloved co-working spaces in Bali.

It boasts a premium location and offers ample amenities, privacy, and fair pricing, all within a luxurious and comfortable setting, making it an ideal choice for discerning individuals seeking a top-notch co-working experience on the island.

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