Exotiq Property is introducing exclusive Buyer’s Agency Services.

A buyer’s agent is an agent that you select to work exclusively for you, the buyer. He or she has access to
all listings from all the agencies on the island and understands exactly what you are looking for.

We avoid the typical dilemma of an agent that gets paid by the vendor and therefore acts in the interest of
the vendor – a buyer’s agent is paid by the buyer and acts only in the interest of the buyer. If a commission
from the vendor is due it is credited to you and not the agent.

A buyer’s agent is a partner who shares your interest and is committed to a common cause.


Save time.
Why work with multiple agents and waste your time? Better chose only one agent who really understands what you want.
Concierge Service
Your seller's agent goes the extra mile. Let him or her organize your viewing trips, flights, hotel and car reservations. Get insider tips on what's hot in Bali. And enjoy the company of a partner dedicated to your success.
Access all Bali Listings.
Our buyer's agents have access to all the listings on the island through co-broking arrangements with Bali's leading property agencies.
the truth.
Your buyer’s agent represents your interests and only your interests and not the sellers’. There are no conflicts of interest in your relationship with a buyer’s agent.
better price.
Working with an exclusive buyer's agent provides you with a stronger negotiating position and results in a better price for you.
Save Money
Negotiate a fixed success fee for your agent instead of a commission. Any commission due from the vendor get's straight in your pockets.
Special Deals.
Your agent is well connected and has years of experience allowing him to present you off-market properties or private deals that you would otherwise not be able to find.
Transactional Experience.
This is perhaps one of the most important factors when you want to close on a property. There are many pitfalls that you can avoid with the help of an experienced seller’s agent. Closing a deal that is safe for you is a top priority for your agent. After all, his business is based on his reputation and your experience.


  1. Select your preferred agent based on your own criteria and after a thorough interview.
  2. Agree on a compensation for your agent when you have found and bought your property.
  3. Enter into a buyer’s agency agreement for a limited length of time.
  4. Work out a detailed brief with your agent.
  5. Review properties online and refine your brief.
  6. Inspect the properties on your shortlist – either personally or through video
  7. Prepare an offer and let your agent negotiate the best possible price.
  8. Select your legal team to check the property you want to buy.
  9. Ask your agent to draw up contracts.
  10. Sign, pay and move in hassle free.


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